4 Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Home’s Entry

A house’s front entryway and the approach leading up to it play a huge role in its curb appeal. Many people neglect this area as purely functional. Here are four things you can do to give your home a more pleasant appearance for visitors.

1. Make Needed Repairs

Do an honest assessment of your steps. If they are uneven or broken, it will send the wrong message. It can also be a fall hazard, especially for older visitors who may be less stable on their feet. A handy homeowner may be able to replace wooden stairs on their own, but concrete or brick ones will usually require a professional, so it’s a good idea to reach out to reputable concrete step repair contractors Iowa to get a quote for your project.

2. Refinish Railings

You might want to refresh your railings while you are sprucing up the stairs, or even if your steps are in good condition. A fresh coat of paint or new design can make all the difference in appearance for a front entry.

3. Paint the Door

You certainly don’t want visitors facing a worn or peeling surface once they make it to the door. Luckily, most homes can get by with a quick refresh instead of a whole new door. In fact, a fresh coat of paint can completely transform the look and feel of your front door. Black is an incredibly popular color choice for entry doors right now and may help you get a quicker or higher offer if you are looking to sell.

4. Add Seating

A nice rocking chair or small bistro set by the entry creates a welcoming appearanceSeating invites visitors to gather and relax instead of rushing them on their way. Be sure to consider the size and layout of your entry area before choosing furniture. Something too large will make it look crowded instead of comfy.

Give your front entry a new look by repairing any cracks or sags in the steps, updating railings, painting the front door and including seating where appropriate.